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What we can learn from 10,000 porn stars

Like most of us, writer Jon Millward has spent the last few months thinking about porn on the internet. He’s been crunching numbers taken from 10,000 profiles of porn stars on the Internet Adult Film Database, compiling the data—heights, weights, and bra sizes; roles, movie titles.

But it seems fair to assume that some of the more basic demographic information is right. Among the things we might learn from (the processed data of) 10,000 porn stars:

The most common bra size is 34B, and most female porn performers are brunettes.
The top porn star-producing state is California, which has birthed four times as many porn stars (939) as its next-closest rival Florida (at 216).
Internationally, Hungary and the Czech Republic follow the United States as the most common birth places of porn stars.
The most common role for women in porn: “teen.” Followed by: “MILF,” “wife” “cheerleader” and “nurse.”
The average age of performers playing “MILFs”: 33. Only 7 percent are over 40 years old.
“Butts,” and its synonyms, appear in porn titles twice as frequently as “boobs” and its synonyms.

Movies (xxx) Women Can Enjoy

While most guys are happy to watch Jenna doing her thing with the boys and girls of the pornography industry, it seems that most women would prefer to watch sex in its more standard state. That is, a man and a woman (or two women) getting it on without any close-ups of ass pimples.
According to Eli Taieb, President and CEO of, “One of the toughest subjects in a love relationship is to be able to tell one another what you really like to do in bed without any complication or confusion. A good way to bring up the subject about sex techniques,” he went on to say, “is by watching adult movies together.”

That said, here are some movies that you might want to invest in to step up foreplay and sex with your girl.

1- Insatiable
Stars: Marilyn Chambers, Jessie St. James
This is a movie about a beautiful woman who fulfills all of her sexual fantasies. Of course, this may serve to inspire your girl to get a little nastier with you, and perhaps even invite one of her sexy friends into the mix.

2- Justine
Stars: Justine, Aria Giovanni
If your girl is interested in watching girl-on-girl action, or, better yet, is thinking about calling up a friend to join in on the fun, this movie could give her a few pointers as to what to do and how to do it right.

3- Zazel
Stars: Sasha Vinni, Anna Romeo
Although this one is quite artsy, the women in it are hot and the actual fantasy scenes will do a good job of turning you and your woman on. Give it a look.

A picture is worth a thousand words….. Unknown author

Reality speaks for itself ….. Mrsteel

4- Caribbean Undercover
Stars: Tera Patrick, Caroline Cage
As they’re being chased in the tropics by smugglers, a couple makes time for some hot, steamy sex. The scenes, both sexual and scenic, are awesome.

5- Touched For The First Time
Stars: Jessica Drake, Asia Carrera
As Jessica creates a sculpture of a naked man, he suddenly comes to life and they engage in some of the craziest sex she’s ever imagined. You may get some great ideas here.

6- E-Love Wanted
Stars: Natalia Wood, Elizabeth Lawrence
After meeting on the Internet, a man and woman decide to meet in a park, where, as you can imagine, they begin engaging in all kinds of oral and vaginal sex.

7- The Trouble With Sex
Stars: Taylor St. Clair, Wendy Divine
In front of a roaring fire, a couple engages in some crazy sex while a man watches through the window. It’s for the voyeur in all of us.

8- Thief Of Hearts
Stars: Sunrise Adams, Nina Ferrari
A movie that includes full on sex, as well as the use of toys, and a man who decides that watching a couple go at it might be an awesome idea. A great movie that gets graphic enough to keep you interested the whole time.

9- The Experiment In Sex
Stars: Jenna Haze, Sondra Hall
You can’t go wrong with sex in a Jacuzzi; just ask any guy who’s ever been on ElimiDATE. After all the sucking, licking, poking, and prodding is done, they do it all over again.

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