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Better Quality Sex

How do you have better quality sex? Does it meant that you should have more sex or less sex?

Escorts often say that it is does not matter how many times per week you have sex, it is the quality that matters. They could be right, escorts should know what they are talking about.

Many Heathrow escorts are also relationship specialists and some have even become sex experts along the way. It would be wrong to assume that escorts are not smart and may not be able to give us advice about our sex lives. Some escorts even go on to obtain doctorates on the topic of sex, and who says escorts can get themselves a PhD.

The Better Sex Guide sat down with Dr. Annie Bliss a former escort turned sex expert, and asked her to give us some sexy advice.

Better Quality Sex

Dr. Bliss was keen to point out that we can only have better quality sex when we make in an integral part of our lives, and recognize the important of sex. Perhaps that is the most important advice of all.

Explore More

According to Dr. Bliss many of us are concerned about exploring different options for sex. There are many different types of sex, and Dr. Bliss points out that most women do not just want to think of England when having sex. Women want to have active parts in what type of sex they want to have.

We need to take time out to explore sex, and find out what we like says Dr. Bliss. One way we can do that is to read about sex, watch movies and talk about it. She says if you are watching a good porn movie and see something which you might like to try, you should try it. Take your clothes off and try it right there and then.

Exploring sex and finding our own sexual perimeters can really help to improve the quality of your sex life.

Time is of the essence

Time is important as well. Dr. Bliss says that “quickies” do have their place in your sex life, but it is also important to take time out to make room for sex in your life.

It can be difficult when you have children but perhaps you can just every so often fit in some good quality sex time. Ask somebody to look after the children for a couple of days, and go away for a break and order room service. Above all, make sure you can look the bedroom door in your own home.


Let your fantasy run riot sometimes. Role play can be fun but you may even come up with your ideas. Who says you have to have sex in the bedroom all the time? Explore different parts of your home to have fun in, and perhaps you could even try getting a bit more adventurous. Having sex outside can be fun, so get yourself a picnic blanket and go out and enjoy yourself.

Escorts appreciate that many people are still a little bit hung up about sex, and different types of sex. Most escorts would tell you that it is important to find out what you like in order to have better quality sex.